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The green circuit trail
The green circuit trail
Discover a new trail in Farkas Valley and Széchenyi Hill
Easiest places to join the route:

- Children’s Railway, Normafa station
- Children’s Railway, Széchenyi-hegy station
- From the green triangle trail

Starting at the Széchenyi-hegy (Széchenyi Hill) station of the Children's Railway, the green circuit trail goes north, along the railway line, until it reaches Normafa station, where it turns left into Farkas-völgy (Wolf Valley). It bears to the left and follows the line of the gully, descending deep into the valley. This magical forest enchants everyone who sees it. When you reach the green triangle trail, take a sharp turn left and begin to climb Széchenyi-hegy. You will pass a building on your left, then climb a few more metres where you can deviate from the path to rest by the Farkas- völgy sinkhole. Return to the green circuit trail, and after some metres it bends sharply to the right. After a few more metres you will reach the Úti Madonna Chapel.  Follow the winding path as it gradually ascends the hill. The trail emerges from the forest into fields which seasonally spring into life with flowers, tempting walkers to rest there. Follow the marked trail, and soon you will see Széchenyi-hegy station again. However, it is a must to stop periodically and take in the views.

The green circuit trail is marked along its entire route.

Difficulty: The trail descends into the deepest part of the valley, and from there it ascends steadily, so this overall level change makes this route medium difficulty.
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Walks informaction:

All height:157 m
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