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Children’s Railway
Children’s Railway

The Children’s Railway stretches 11.2 kilometres between Hűvösvölgy and Széchenyi-hegy. The entire travel time is about 45 minutes. The following stations lie within the area of Normafa Park:



During the planning and construction of the railway, much use was made of the experience already gained from creating and operating narrow-gauge railway networks. The operation of the railway is entrusted to Hungarian State Railways and the Hungarian Pioneers Association. One goal of the railway was to provide access to the Csillebérc Children’s Camp, which was under construction at the time, and the other goal was to get children between ten and fourteen years of age interested in railways.  The first two and a half decades of the railway were its golden years, as its one million visitors per year would indicate. Its later neglect was caused by a decline in political attention, leading to unresolved financial problems.

The Children’s Railway has become more popular in recent years thanks to its redevelopment and improved customer service..
Children's Ralway timetable here

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