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Tündér-hegy quarry (Fairy Hill Quarry)
Tündér-hegy quarry (Fairy Hill Quarry)

Tündér-hegy quarry is an excellent area for walking and relaxing. At the beginning of the last century, the quarry was mined for dolomite.  This brittle, white material was formed in the first Triassic period.  The natural rock formations are unstable, so they are definitely not suitable for climbing.

The area was declared protected in 1978.

The rest area includes a fireplace, tables and benches, and there is also a large area suitable for ball games.




- From Normafa, follow the green stripe walking trail, then turn left on Tündérhegyi Road.

- From Normafa, follow the blue circuit trail to the Libegő Chairlift, then go down the steep trail alongside it until you reach the upper edge of the quarry

- From Szépjuhászné, follow Jánoshegyi Road and Tündérhegyi Road.


The area is also easily accessible by bicycle.

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