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St. Anna’s Chapel
St. Anna’s Chapel

St. Anna’s Chapel was erected at the edge the field between 1825 and 1830 in honour of Saint Anna.  Since then, the chapel has been an extraordinarily popular destination for pilgrims. On St. Anna’s day, pilgrims come from Budakeszi and from the cloister of the Congregation of Jesus in Zugliget.

The chapel survived World War Two but was destroyed around 1952 or 1953 as a result of a gathering of communist workers’ organizations.  The field that stretches out nearby was named to preserve the memory of the chapel. A picture of St. Anna which hung from a wild chestnut tree withstood the ravages of the weather for many years.

The chapel was reconstructed after the fall of communism in 1992 on the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Budapest-Zugliget Association with the help of the Salamin family and with broad support from the local community.

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