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Nordic walking
Nordic walking

Nordic walking is the newest sport in Normafa, but it is growing in popularity. Resembling a mix of walking and skiing, it is suitable on both walking trails and ski runs.


We especially recommend the “MHK Circuit”, which runs through the forest between Jánoshegyi Road and the Children’s Railway. The easiest access point of this nearly five-kilometre circuit is behind Székely-kapu (Székely Gate), but it also runs near the upper station of the Libegő Chairlift. The circuit is relatively flat, with no significant inclines or slopes.


At the top of Kis-Norma, Anna Bozsik, Olympic cross-country skier, organizes training and trips, and Vasas Sports Club also holds training sessions here regularly, led by head trainer Miklós Holló, Olympic cross-country skier. They start from near the Vasas Ski Lodge.


We ask Nordic walkers not to use the rubberized running track alongside Jánoshegyi Road for Nordic walking, because their sticks damage the track’s surface. Walkers also get in the way of runners using the track.

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