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Sports Clubs and Associations
Sports Clubs and Associations

Vasas Sports Club

Of all the ski lodges in Normafa, only one is still used by skiers today, the Vasas SC Síház (Ski Lodge).  It is operated by the cross-country skiing department of the Vasas Sports Club. It stands next to Anna-rét (Anna Field) and there is a cross-country skiing course located nearby. In winter, training is held on the MHK Circuit and on Szaniszló-rét.  In warmer months, the skiers use Jánoshegyi Road for roller skiing.

Cross-country skiing equipment can be hired from the Vasas Ski Lodge in winter.


Normafa Running Club

The Normafa Fútóklub (Running Club) holds training sessions every Thursday at 6:15 pm. The meeting area is the asphalt car park in Normafa, from where runners can put their shoes to work!
For details, click here for the Normafa Running Club’s website.

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