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In Normafa, designated cycling routes follow Mátyás király Road, Tündérhegyi Road and Jánoshegyi Road.  Additionally, forest paths may be used if they do not pass through environmentally protected areas or along designated walking trails.


Following some basic rules makes bicycle riding in the forest safe for everyone. We ask everyone to read through these rules and follow them.



Many cyclists use Normafa Park’s slopes for downhill cycling. Under the rules stated here, this would be forbidden throughout the entire area. However, agreements exist for the use of unmarked secluded paths where cyclists can enjoy this thrilling yet dangerous sport as long as they follow the rules. In recent times several accidents, not only caused by downhill cyclists, but by walkers crossing these paths, have resulted in injury. Once again, we ask that everyone follow the rules.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to cycle on the walkway between Normafa and the Libegő chairlift.

We ask you to take extreme care when riding near walkers, especially children.

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